Bizarre graffiti daubed on empty Pret and Argos shops

BIZARRE graffiti echoing a nuclear waste warning has been daubed on empty shops in Worcester city centre.

The words “This place is not a place of honour. Nothing valued is here.” has been written on the windows of at least two prominent buildings.

One appears on the dusty windowpane of the former Argos in The Shambles.

Another, complete with an ominous crow, has been daubed on the former Pret on the High Street which is soon to be reopened as a Greggs.

Worcester News:

The mystery graffiti artist has left no clue about their identity as they have not added a tag to their work.

The sentence mimics a long-time nuclear waste warning message to alert future generations that nuclear waste is buried under the ground.

As the graffiti is on a private building it is the responsibility of the owner to clean it up.

Worcester News:

Worcester City Council spokesman said: “We would encourage residents to report graffiti at

“The city council can take action to remove graffiti from public property and is able to intervene at private property under certain circumstances – for example if graffiti is offensive or contains foul language.”

A spokesman for Greggs said the graffiti will be cleaned off before the shop’s opening.

Sainsbury’s, which owns Argos, has been contacted for a comment.

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