British Horseracing Authority announces plans for return of races behind closed doors

The British Horse Racing Authority announced plans to resume racing on June 1, after the government’s timetable for the resumption of sport.

A spokesman for the Resumption of Racing Group, comprised of representatives from the BHA, the Horsemen’s Group, the Racecourse Association and the Horserace Betting Levy Board, said: “We know that significant changes have already been implemented across the industry – in training yards, at studs and on racecourses – to ensure strict adherence to social distancing measures and to help reduce the spread of the virus.

“In the same manner, strict measures will be applied on racedays, and the racecourses are working with the BHA’s Course Inspectors to develop and implement the necessary requirements to provide the safest possible environment for all attendees.

“This includes planning for how a raceday will function – including entry and exit and movement around the site – whilst maintaining social distancing.

“The details of these changes will be communicated to the industry in good time, to ensure that participants, staff and officials understand the requirements that have been introduced and how they will apply during a raceday.

“As explained in previous updates, attendance at each meeting will be limited to only those personnel required to deliver the race fixture, with the number able to attend determined by public health restrictions in place at the time.

“These restrictions on attendance will be continually reviewed and gradually eased to accommodate connections, including owners, and other raceday staff in line with Government guidance.”

The first of the measures being introduced is to pre-clear vaccinations in horse passports via a new vaccination app, assisting BHA staff and those responsible for the horses to maintain social distancing on racedays.

The BHA says as well as making the raceday operation more efficient, the vaccination app will also help prevent any raceday administrative issues around vaccination records.

Once the vaccination history has been cleared by the BHA, all future and subsequent vaccinations between the pre-clearance and race day should be uploaded directly by those responsible for the horse onto the Weatherbys Vaccination App.

Weatherbys will be contacting trainers with details and will provide all necessary advice and support.

No date has been set for racing to return to Worcester, with the first dates announced rotating between Newcastle, Lingfield Park, Yarmouth and Kempton Park.

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