Hundreds of happy people meet Jeremy Clarkson at book signing

Jeremy Clarkson was at a Chipping Norton bookshop yesterday evening, signing copies of his new tome Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm.

Locals queued to meet the media star turned farmer at the event where “no selfies or posed photographs” were allowed.

Patrick Neale, of the Jaffé & Neale Bookshop in Middle Row, said: “Jeremy was on sparkling form and we had hundreds of happy people. A really great Chippy event.”

Kaleb Cooper, his co-star in Clarkson’s Farm, jokingly said on his Instagram he is “not happy” about how Jeremy refers to him in the book.

Holding up the book for his 929k followers in a video, he captioned the post: “I read and reviewed my first ever book.”

He quipped: “So I’ve discovered what this is – this is a book. And I’ve read my first ever book. Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm, which is out today by the way.

“Now he refers to me as a tractor driver. Not too sure how I feel about that. I like to think of myself as the farm manager – as it is Kaleb’s Farm of course!

“Make sure you pick a copy up. Give it a read, let’s hope you learn something.”

Kaleb has sent fans into a frenzy when he shared a behind-the-scenes shot of filming for series two of the smash hit show which is already well under way.

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