Bobby’s Ice Snapper ranked as No.1 lolly in UK

A BROMSGROVE ice lolly company’s top product has been the surprise hit of the summer in UK cornershops.

A 39p ice pole, made by UK company Bobby’s, has outsold all the big-name ice creams from Walls and Nestle, according to PayPoint.

Sales are up by £2,000,000 compared to a typical year, with the product sold exclusively through corner shops and convenience stores.

PayPoint looked at sales across 28,000 convenience stores throughout the UK, finding a 242% increase in ice cream and ice lolly sales overall, with Ice Snappers the top freezer pick.

The top ten products keeping Brits cool according to PayPoint are:

  1. Bobby’s Ice Snapper
  2. Walls Calippo Orange
  3. Walls Twister
  4. Walls Magnum Classic
  5. Walls Magnum White Chocolate
  6. Walls Feast
  7. Walls Cornetto Classic
  8. Walls Calippo Cola
  9. Walls Cornetto Strawberry
  10. Nestle Fab


Bobby’s Ice Snapper has been a favourite for more than 25 years although many customers may not be aware of the brand name, referring to it simply as an ice pop. 

Dave Suckling, Bobby’s managing director, said: “This summer’s prolonged hot weather has meant many of us have been heading to the freezer for a cool down snack. 

“The Ice Snapper has been a favourite for many years and typically we sell around 5m units annually.”

“This year sales have been much stronger than usual and we are expecting to sell more than 7,000,000 Ice Snappers.

“We are putting the increase down to the hot weather and to our customers’ desire for a simple ice treat that will help them cool down without filling them up or spoiling their appetites.”